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"Go make disciples"

This is our church's mission statement.

In fact, this mission, given to the disciples by the Lord Jesus, is the mission of the entire Catholic Church.

The parish is served by the priests and brothers of The Red Bank Oratory of St. Philip Neri. For more information and to support the Red Bank Oratory, please click the button below:


Thanksgiving Day Mass

Mass on Thanksgivng Day (November 24) will be at 9am. That will be the only Mass of the day. We hope that you can join us to give thanks to God for all His blessings.

The Giving Tree

Thank you for helping our neighbors in need by taking a tag from the Giving Tree in the entrance area of the Church. Please return gifts with their tags attached in a gift bag under the tree. If there are no more tags, you can get gift cards to any stores and put them in the box next to the tree.

We will once again be providing gifts to a local nursing home. They are requesting new sweatpants, sweatshirts and t-shirts in sizes XL -3XL (women’s and men’s) as well as socks, & blankets.

Please return all donations anytime from now until December 4.

If you have any questions, please contact Nancy Cody at

Reverse Advent Calendar

Try out this fun activity for Advent with your family: each day add an item to a box in your home and then on December 22, donate the box to St. Crispin Food Pantry.

December 1- box of cereal

December 2 - peanut butter

December 3 – stuffing mix

December 4– box potatoes

December 5 –macaroni and cheese

December 6 - canned fruit

December 7 –canned tomatoes

December 8 –canned tuna

December 9 –dessert mix

December 10 –jar of applesauce

December 11 –canned sweet potatoes

December 12 –cranberry sauce

December 13 –can of black beans

December 14– box of crackers

December 15 –package of rice

December 16 -package of oatmeal

December 17 –package pasta

December 18 –spaghetti sauce

December 19 - chicken noodle soup

December 20 –tomato soup

December 21 –can of corn

December 22 –can of carrots

Scholastic Explorers

Our new after-school program called Scholastic Explorers begins September 12. It is open for children from 1st to 12th grade and is completely free. Children may register at any time during the year.

It runs Monday to Friday. The doors open at 2:30 and the children can come anytime after that when they are finished with school. The program ends around 5:15pm.

We are also looking for adult volunteers and teachers to help with this program.

Click here for the flyer.

To register your children click here.

To sign up as a volunteer or tutor, click here.

If you have any questions, please call Br. Daniel Bower at 732-747-0813 ext 108.

Mass, Confession, Private Prayer, & Blessings

Mass Schedule

Daily Masses:

Monday to Friday: 7:30am

Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 12:15pm (Latin)

Saturday Evening Vigil Masses:

4pm (English), 7pm (Spanish)

Sunday Masses:

7:30am, 9am, 10:30am (English)

12pm (Latin)

1:30pm (Spanish)

6pm (English)

Confession Times

The Confessionals are located in the Entrance Area of the Church.

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday: 7:45am

Saturday: 12pm – 1pm, 3:30 - 4pm, 6:30 - 7pm

Sunday*: 8:30 - 8:55am, 10 - 10:25am, 11:30am - 11:55pm, 1 - 1:25pm

*Please remember the priest will need to end confessions 5 minutes before Mass in order to prepare for the celebration of Mass. Thank you for your understanding!

Click for Examination of Conscience in English for Adults, Teens, Children

Click for Examination of Conscience in Spanish for Adults, Teens, Children

The Holy Rosary

The Holy Rosary is prayed Monday to Friday in the Church:

5pm - Rosary in Spanish

The Rosary is prayed at 3:30pm on Saturday in English and a decade of the Rosary is prayed in Spanish before the 1:30pm Mass on Sundays.

Private Prayer

The Church is open for private prayer.

Please stop by and make a visit to our Lord.

Monday to Thursday:

7am - 5pm


7am - 4pm


If you would like to have your home blessed or would like your newborn baby blessed at Mass, please call the parish office and register with our secretary, Br. Miguel (732-747-0813 ext 101).

If you need anything else blessed (religious articles, cars, etc.), please ask a priest after any of the Masses.

Faith Formation

Upcoming Events

First Friday Adoration

Please join us for Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Friday, January 6 from 7 to 8pm.

First Friday for the month of December will be our concert of Handel's Messiah and the singing of Christmas carols. We invite you to join us for this on Friday, December 2 at 7:30pm.

Desert Day with the Oratory

Each month the Fathers and Brothers of the Oratory spend a day in prayer, silence and spiritual reading. We invite you to join us for our "Desert Day," a monthly retreat day, usually on the first Wednesday of the month.

The next Desert Day is December 14.

Here is the schedule of prayer during the day:

7:30am - Morning Mass

Immediately after morning Mass - Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament & Morning Oratory Prayer

All morning - Adoration in the Church

12:15pm - Mass in Latin

All afternoon - Adoration in the Church

5pm - Sung Evening Oratory & Benediction

"The Ramblers" Hiking Group

This will be a once-a-month hiking group for those 16 and older. Anyone who is 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Our next hike is Saturday, December 17. Meet at Allaire State Park at 8:30am. You can join us for all or part of the trip.

There will be a hike once a month, rain, snow, or shine. The only thing that will stop us is lightning or a blizzard.

Monthly Playgroup for Children up to 4 years

Join our new monthly playgroup for children up to age 4. Meetings are on the the first Friday of every month, 9:30-10:30am in the parish center.

The next meeting is Friday, December 2.

Families are also invited to explore interest in a Catholic homeschooling co-op, beginning September 2023.

For more information click here for the flyer and please contact for more information in English and Spanish.

St. Cecilia's Society

Recital Series 2022-23

Save the dates for these upcoming concerts and recitals:

December 2 @ 7:30pm - Handel's Messiah, Part One

December 18 @ 3:30pm - Lessons & Carols

February 5 @ 3:30pm - Robin Lee in Recital

April 21 @ 7:30pm - Dubois' 7 Last Words of Christ

June 25 @ 3:30pm - Organ Recital & Shea Delloso, Soloist

Click here for the flyer. Please share with anyone interested.

Join our Live Streaming Events

Click on the day of the week to see the schedule. You can also click on the Home dropdown menu above to go directly to the day of the week.

Parish & Oratory Groups

Secular Oratory

Secular Oratory is for adult men (18+) and shares in the spirituality and work of the Red Bank Oratory. Meetings are every Monday at 7pm, beginning in the entrance area of the Church. Please contact for more information.

Women of Vallicella

Women of Vallicella is for adult women (18+) and shares in the spirituality and work of the Red Bank Oratory. Meetings are every Monday at 7pm, beginning in the Church. Please contact Deborah Gaudino at for more information.

Youth, Junior & Children's Oratory

The Youth Oratory (9th to 12th grade), Junior Oratory (5th to 8th grade) and the Children’s Oratory (1st to 4th grade) shares in the spirituality and work of the Red Bank Oratory. Meetings are every Sunday from 7 to 8:30pm, immediately after the 6pm Mass. Meetings are for these children and their families are a time of learning about the faith, fun, and prayer. Please contact for more information.

Society of Saint Anthony

St. Anthony’s Society is for adult men (18+) and is dedicated to the preservation of our Italian cultural heritage at the parish and the continued handing on of our Faith. Please contact Tom Ignoscia at if you are interested in joining the St. Anthony’s Society and in order to receive more information about the meetings and events of St. Anthony's Society.

Friends of St. Philip Neri

Friends of St. Philip Neri is for men and women 60+ and shares in the spirituality and work of the Red Bank Oratory. Please contact Br. Don at for more information.

"Saints, Preserve Us!"

St. Philip Neri used to say that we should read the works of authors whose names begin with the letter 'S', like Saint Augustine, Saint Bernard, and the other saints.

Join the Friends of St. Philip Neri for this new reading group on the lives and writings of the saints. Meetings are on Thursdays from 10:30 to 11:30am. Please contact Br. Donald for more information (


Cursillo is primarily a lay movement of the Catholic Church and an instrument of renewal by which Christianity can permeate, live and grow in today’s world. It proposes no new type of spirituality but a method through which one’s spirituality can be strengthened, lived and shared in all areas of one’s environment. For more information about Cursillo at St. Anthony’s, please contact Cristoforo Codallos at


John XXIII is an international lay movement of the Catholic Church inspired by St. John XXIII's call to evangelize, especially those who are far from the Church and the marginalized of society. Their spirituality of service to the Church and the world is marked by Love, Surrender and Sacrifice and their motto is, "With Christ everything; without Christ nothing." For more information about John XXIII at St. Anthony's, please contact Idania Alvarado at

Saint Crispin Society

The Saint Crispin Society has been serving members of our community for years through our food panty, used clothing shop, and direct financial assistance. Visit the Saint Crispin Page to learn more.

The Society of St. Cecilia

The Society of St. Cecilia is dedicated to enriching the musical and cultural environment for members of St. Anthony of Padua and the Church’s surrounding communities. We provide musical outreach and partner with local charities and community organizations. Membership helps to foster future high-quality concerts to the public.

CLICK HERE to join us in our mission of music!

At-Home Rosary Prayer Group

In you are interested in joining the At-Home Rosary Prayer Group for Spanish-speakers, please call the office at 732-747-0813 ext 101.

Morning's Hope

Morning's Hope, a new peer ministry of consolation support, welcomes those who are grieving the loss of a loved one to participate in our eight-week journey of consolation. We seek to walk with you as you work through the levels of grief. We use Bereavement Ministry, developed by the Diocese of Rapid City SD, as our format in dealing with ways of handling grief. Our small group sessions will include readings, reflection, sharing and journaling.


Eight Weekly Sessions held on Thursday evenings beginning 9/29 thru 11/17. We will meet in the St. Crispin House Volunteer Room from 7:00 – 8:30 PM. Light refreshments provided.

Pre-Registration Required

For more information email Br. Donald:

The Ramblers Hiking Group

This is a once-a-month hiking group for those 16 and older (Anyone who is 16 or 17 must be accompanied by an adult).

There will be a hike once a month, rain, snow, or shine. The only thing that will stop us is lightning or a blizzard.

"Beloved" Marriage Enrichment

"Beloved" Marriage Enrichment is a marriage formation and encouragement group for Catholic married couples. Regular events include talks and programs on the meaning of the Sacrament of Marriage and living as a Catholic couple, potluck dinners, social gatherings, prayer as a couple in front of the Blessed Sacrament. For more information about "Beloved" Marriage Enrichment at St. Anthony’s, please contact Robert and Maria Dolan at

Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction for Men

Spiritual Direction for men is available to help you grow as a disciple of our Lord.

Sessions for Men are available for parishioners of St. Anthony's and members of the Secular Oratory by contacting Fr. Al (732-747-0813 ext. 109) or Fr. Nick (732-747-0813 ext. 107).

Spiritual Direction for Women

Spiritual Direction is a relationship of prayer and dialogue designed to deepen one's relationship with Christ and discover how God is working in one's life.

Sessions for Women are available for parishioners of St. Anthony's and members of the Women of Vallicella by contacting Mrs. Debbie Gaudino ( For more information on Spiritual Direction for Women, please click HERE.

Want to make the most of your time indoors?

Go to FORMED.ORG , click "Sign Up," then "Sign Up as a Parishioner," then search "St. Anthony of Padua Red Bank" and create your account.